We are now accepting cryptocurrency payments

Builtflat with crypto currency

We are happy to announce that we are now accepting cryptocurrency as a form of payment for our services. This move is aimed at making the payment process more efficient, secure, and accessible for our clients globally.

Cryptocurrency has been gaining widespread popularity and acceptance over the past few years, with many companies and individuals recognizing its benefits. In this blog post, we will explore the advantages of using cryptocurrency as a form of payment and why our decision to accept it is a significant step forward for the industry.

  • Decentralized and Secure: One of the main benefits of cryptocurrency is that it operates on a decentralized network, meaning that it is not controlled by a central authority like a bank. This eliminates the risk of fraud or hacking that can occur with traditional payment methods. Transactions made with cryptocurrency are verified by a network of computers, making them highly secure.
  • Lower Transaction Fees: Another advantage of cryptocurrency is that it typically has lower transaction fees compared to traditional payment methods. This is because there are no intermediaries involved in the transaction process, reducing the costs associated with processing payments.
  • Fast and Convenient: Cryptocurrency transactions are processed almost instantly, eliminating the need for lengthy waiting periods for payment verification and processing. This makes the payment process faster, more efficient, and more convenient for Builtflat’s clients.
  • Borderless Transactions: Cryptocurrency operates on a global scale, making it an ideal solution for individuals and businesses looking to transact across borders. This eliminates the need for currency conversion, reducing costs and making the transaction process smoother and more seamless.

In conclusion, our decision to accept cryptocurrency as a form of payment is a testament to our commitment to providing our clients with innovative and efficient payment solutions.